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 sustainable innovation

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Our signature communities, built through years of work in specific areas of interest marked for high growth and impact through innovation.

A community of agribusinesses and key ecosystem players grown through AgriTech-focused projects such as the Digital ASEAN Program, Grow Asia Hackathon and Digital Learning Series, and various other events and initiatives.

A community of tech companies, corporates, and government agencies interested in the intersection of technology and our modern built environment, cultivated through projects like the Singapore Mobility Challenge, BEAMP, and Smart Living Hack among others.

A community of interest surrounding issues in food, food security, and food systems, aimed at sustainably feeding a rapidly growing global population. The community originates from Padang & Co’s external partnerships and involvement in various FoodTech initiatives worldwide such as the Future Food Network.

A community focussed on advancements in health, healthcare and medical technology, anchored by CATALYST - a first-of-its-kind specialist hub for Health and MedTech startups. The hub fosters this community through events and initiatives such as the CATALYST x AA Innovation Programme.

A wide-ranging community of organisations interested in sustainability issues across industry verticals and technologies. Our focus is around addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as well as discovering sustainable models for the Future of Work.


These dynamic environments serve as a point of positive collision for people, ideas and new ways of working. Each space is an ecosystem of its own where some of the world's largest and most for-ward thinking corporations connect and work with the best tech startups.

A unique coworking and events space connected to Unilever’s regional headquarters in Singapore, LEVEL3 brings together startups, corporates, and ecosystem partners to drive innovation and create new partnerships that deliver meaningful business impact.

The Bright Science & Technology Innovation Hub aims to tackle the region’s nutritional, health and sustainability challenges of tomorrow.

The BOP Solutions Centre is an ecosystem of startups, social enterprises, NGOs, and MNCs dedicated to developing solutions for the Base of the Pyramid, giving them access to crucial goods and services.

The Blue Innovation Ecosystem aims to spark innovation and data sharing within the blue economy to drive more responsible and sustainable use of the world’s aquatic resources.

padang ecosystem


padang ecosystem


padang ecosystem


padang ecosystem


padang ecosystem



As a champion for Open Innovation, Padang & Co runs a range of events - both physical and virtual - as part of our service delivery to support our projects, communities, and hubs.

Info Session / Workshop

Short programme briefing events where participants can learn about projects, interact with subject matter experts, get their questions answered, and meet like-minded innovators. 


An intense end-to-end innovation event, typically held over 48 hours, where participants learn to innovate by doing, working in teams alongside challenge owners and mentors to address specific challenge statements.

Demo Day

A showcase of successful startups, companies, or teams that have graduated from innovation challenges or acceleration programmes, giving them an opportunity to share their journey and demonstrate their capabilities to attract partnerships and investment.


This is the suite of innovation activities and projects that we run to help organisations discover and engage tech startups, individuals, and ideas.

Innovation challenge

Source for use cases from startups globally or regionally. 

Acceleration Programme
Co-create and pilot products and services with corporate partners.
Investment Pitch

Pitch your innovative solution to potential investors.

Recruitment Challenge

Engage and recruit tech talent globally or locally.

Crowdsource ideas from professional communities and citizen innovators.
Incubation programme

For intrapreneurs to turn their ideas into investable solutions or businesses.

Corporate innovation
Foster out-of-the-box thinking in corporate teams to think and  innovate like startups. 

Padang & Co

Champions for Open Innovation, we enable the world's largest organisations to address Southeast Asia's challenges today and opportunities of tomorrow through internal initiatives and external collaborations with innovative, agile companies.

the team

Padang means green, open field in Malay. It is also the name of an important historical landmark in the heart of Singapore, our home base.

The Padang & Co story started with Singapore’s first major public hackathon, UP Singapore, in 2012.  Since then, we have been bringing people and organisations together to solve problems, develop ideas and new solutions. We create the environments for their creativity and innovation to emerge and flourish.

With the Padang Innovation Ecosystem platform, we aim to expand an already thriving innovation ecosystem beyond physical boundaries, by enabling collaboration at scale.